Beijing ChoiceMMed Exhibited at the 61st CMEF and Received an Interview

"Choice from sales agent monitor products to launching our own property rights products, and became one monitors export the top 10 enterprise in China in 2008. The future development of our company, to maintain and improve the Monitor products in the domestic and foreign market share, and further subdivided on the foreign market, to improve the international market share. Through international and domestic market analysis and forecasts, research and development grass-roots hospitals, community health care and household products, as well as all kinds of new family-oriented monitoring products,such as portable patient monitors and wristband vital signs monitors etc. Keep upgrading attention of medical device products and improve the technological content of products, technology as the core competitiveness to achieve a higher economic benefit. Improved by 3 to 5 years of product optimization, rich product series, and founded CHOICE characteristics of products and brands." Our manager Mr. Wang said in an interview with Chinese Medica.