ChoiceMMed Partners with LKK ---- Innovation is the only way out

ChoiceMMed is a veteran of the domestic manufacturers of medical monitoring equipment. A few years ago, started to comprehensive cooperation with LKK.

In 2007-2008, ChoiceMMed has two products gained the International Design Awards----Red Dot Award, and the result is CHOICE products in the European family medical device market in short supply.
LKK designers in product designing embodied the distinctive characteristics "metaphysical" which was also ChoiceMMed hopes to enter the basic elements of the European market.The concept of consistent is an important prerequisite for cooperation.The positioning of our products is Homecare; people can use it to monitor our heart health at home anytime. The performance of the product is more stable and reliable.

                                      Touch Handheld ECG Monitor(2007 Red Dot Award)

                                       Wristband Pulse Oximeter(2008 Red Dot Award)                              
ChoiceMMed will welcome dealers and medical professionals around the world to deepen mutual awareness and discuss the various forms of commercial cooperation.