1、Warranty Policy

Product Type

Warranty(After delivery)
1 Monitor

The warranty time of hoist board is eighteen months 
and all the accessories are six months                     
Fingertip pulse oximeter    
Two years
Other products
The warranty time of hoist board is one year and all 
the accessories are three months

2、No guarantee principle
1.Beyond our regulated guarantee time
2.Machine damaged due to misuse
3.Disassemble, repair and modify without authority
4.SN or the barcode labeling being changed and removed etc.
5.Other companies'similar products.Accessories including plastic enclosure, operation manual, lanyard and packing etc.
6.Circuit board changes and upgrades without authorized by engineers in Choice.

3、After sale service policy
For the products that meet the requirements, user should have RMA form authorized by our engineer. Please print and paste RMA form into the packing box at the eye- catching position. For the products without our company authorization, we reserve the right to reject.

4、Freight policy
1. Within Warranty: The customer is responsible for freight & insurance charges when the cargo is shipped to us. We are responsible for the freight & insurance charges from our side to the customer.
2. Out of Warranty: We provide paid repair service. In addition, the customer is responsible for the both side of freight & insurance charges.